EAT Your Children That THE Canteen?

The growing phenomenon of childhood obesity, changing lifestyles have prompted the government to start an information campaign on healthy eating. The opportunity also for the government to reassure parents about what their children eat in the canteen.

The Ministry of Education is launching an education campaign on food safety. A brochure distributed to students in schools reminds some food hygiene rules to combat obesity increasingly common in children. It also reassures parents after the scandals that have plagued the field of food in recent years.

Who decides on the menus?

Bodies of schools is an association created by the municipality and chaired by the mayor. Its board is composed of a representative of National Education, a state representative, elected municipal officials and parents. He chose suppliers, develops menus and fixed the price of meals.

Balanced meals … to be eaten with pleasure

Officials menus are bound by a food plan that balances nutrition over several days. Each meal must include a main dish containing meat, fish or egg, raw or cooked vegetables, dairy products and fruits to meet the need for protein, iron and calcium. The fat they should remain limited. Therefore pastries, meats and fried foods will be served less fréquemment.Pour verify that these well-balanced meals have a chance of being eaten, some cities have a board menus. Composed of parents and supervisory staff of meal times, it can be necessary, proposals more suited to the tastes of children and adolescents.

Regular monitoring by health authorities

Regular controls, conducted jointly by the Departmental veterinary surveillance (DDSV) and the Departmental Directorate of Health and Social Affairs (DDAS), regularly examine the application of sanitary rules in kitchens and school canteens. These rules relate to the preparation, storage and distribution of meals, but also the cleanliness of premises and equipment. The inspectors also monitor animal food suppliers and their labeling.

Trained staff and trainers to infection

Finally, they check the skills of the kitchen staff in the implementation of health rules. For 5 years, catering staff and care of children should be trained in hygiene and good practice to use cleaning products. They have an educational role with children.

The watchful eye of parents

The manager of the canteen is a logbook which can be accessed by all parents. This contains all relevant information containing the ingredients used in food preparation and in particular specify the presence of GMOs or allergens. Parents can know the exact composition of the dishes and their nutritional value. The menus displayed on the doors of schools are not always very explicites.

What if your child is allergic?

7% of children are affected by problems of food allergy and only 12% of them are reported for fear of eviction of cantine.Pourtant there since November 1999, receiving individualized projects that allow them to attend the canteen avoiding risks. Warranty of a medical certificate, the restaurant manager may establish special school menus avoiding offending allergens. If it is impossible (too frequent allergens in food for example), the child may eventually be allowed to bring his lunch box from home.

Do not hesitate to ask about what your children eat in the canteen. You’ll be more able to give them a balanced diet overall. But it depends on what is consumed in the canteen but of course at home.

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