“Earth Alien Discovered in 2014″

Washington – Scientists at NASA say, the first planet that is touted as “alien Earth” is estimated to be found true the next two years. Want to know?

So far, this astonom have discovered over 750 exoplanets orbiting distant stars. Kepler space telescope NASA has identified 2300 ‘candidates’ who still need further analysis and study as quoted by UPI.

This planet will be as large as Earth and orbits its star in the zone ‘Goldilocks’ where there arean estimated life.

“I am sure, Kepler will find planets in the Goldilocks two years,” said researcher Shawn-Goldman Domagal at NASA headquarters, Washington.

Earth-like planet is a planet thatis small and difficult to detect because of the faded light is dim. But through an indirect approach, or Transit Spectroscopy, these planets could be revealed.

We’ll wait.

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