Dresden Files Fantasy Casting: Charity and Molly Carpenter

Written by Cory Holster.

Charity Carpenter:

Jamie Pressly- This one took some time to decide but when we did no one else in our minds could do it. She matches well with V.D. to be the strong, loving and stubborn mother, “hater” of Harry and, after watching her in D.O.A., can definitely fit the role of being the one that makes Micheal’s armor and plunge into the darkest regions of faerie to rescue her daughter.


Molly Carpenter:

Dakota Fanning(?)- This one is up for grabs but we thought that D.K. would be good. She has the look of a child of V.D. and J.P. and has that ingenue quality that fits Molly. While she might be a tad old to play earlier versions of Molly, she seems right for playing the goth teenager and Harry’s apprentice.  

Liked it
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