Dead Space

Dead Space.

Dead Space

Game Action – Horror that EA were working on it for a long time in secret. They also work in a way that sounds right a huge company like EA, only about 20 people worked on the game deliberately keep everyone in constant contact with all the ideas and development will be a combination of all the people without any gaps between development groups. Her small group to sit and do homework when it comes to horror. Hollywood horror films like Alien large to indie horror films of Rob Zombie and his friends. They learned about the elements of editing, music, introducing the viewer and so scared. EA want to make a game we do not want to play alone or in the dark, that is just too scary.

400 years in the future, we have developed a new technology. Giant spaceships come the stars die, workers arrived from the colonies begin to dismantle it and huge portions. The spacecraft takes her where processors and the pastern joint minerals and resources it contains. H”aisimora “is such a huge space ship and during the decomposition process routine it loses contact with Earth. Loss of contact is routine, so after a while, decided to send a repair team. Wife of computers, a small number of guards and us – Isaac Clarke. Technician only come to fix the communications devices of H”aisimora “. When the crew arrives, he discovers the horrible truth …

The game boasts a number of gameplay elements that really add. The first is weapons. H”aisimora “is not a battleship, but mining. Except for a small number of weapons security staff, the place is relatively clean kiss. Anyway, Isaac is a technician, not a fighter. He has no training to use the weapon which does complex. So during the game will use what we find to fight or to make an improvised weapon. Laser bread or bits and pieces found on the ship becomes a lethal weapon. The second element is gravity. This is a spaceship that has creators of advanced artificial gravity, but the ship badly damaged and there are parts where the engine is not working, we’ll use the magnet boots to be careful not to drift into the ether. Simultaneously, such boots no enemies. If you can fend off a creature and make him lose his grip, he will float deeper into the quiet space.

The third element is the enemy. Enemies in the game are the team of H”aisimora “horrible mutated. Unlike other games, kill an enemy do not just. Some will not die a head shot, or even if Narof their heads. Enemies have a single shot will cause them to explode and release thousands of “mosquitoes” that will affect us. Enemies that can run on walls and ceiling. Enemies who can close the gap between you fast. Hardback Collected “will cause us to need a second to think who? What weaknesses and Ma can not do against him? This second and very important.

Already the game looks very impressive, both in gameplay and graphically. The new graphics engine that EA built the game engine, intelligence and so on. Impressive all game long and almost a year of development. Worth following Dead Space that he could easily be a “game” of next season.

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