Common Car Problems in Winter

Winter is here and for many people we rely upon our car more than ever. Sadly this is the time when most car problems tend to surface putting more inconvenience and pressure onto families.

Checking these items a few months before hand will help to save you a lot of haste in the cold snap.

Flat Battery
the car battery has a service life of around 5 years but you should get it checked each year before the winter sets in. Replacing this is minimal compared to the inconvenience it causes to get your vechile towed to a garage and fixed. You can buy kits yourself from most automotive stores that will load test the battery.

Window screen wipers
This is another vital component that you need during the winter months. Just as well as checking the blades check the state of the wiper linkage and assembly. If you notice anything out of the ordinary then get it checked out. Having your wipers completely fail in winter is not plesent, so this one is a must.

Engine and coolant levels
Check that your car has the correct ammount of oil and coolant in. During the cold months your engine is under more wear than normal so you need to check that the oil and coolant is topped up. Also dilute the coolant 50% to ensure that it doesn’t freeze and lockup your engine if the temperatures plummet.

Frozen car
This is quite a common one, but can be easily avioded by protecting your car with a car cover. This happends when water and moisture freezez on the doors seal and this sticks the door to the car. If you don’t have a car cover you can try deicer. It may take a while but you should try this as first port of call. Spray the deicer into the inside of the door. The deicer should work its way down the seal and melt the ice sticking the door.

Its best to aviod water if you can. If you have to use water make sure its luke warm and only tip small bits on at a time. If you have a hole in the seal the water could penetrate this and work its way into the car. Ideally the best place to do this would be the boot of the car.

If you can access the car by the boot and Clamber over the seats then start the engine and wait for it to warm up.

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