Comic Book Review Captain America Joins THE Avengers

How Captain America was found alive and well in the 1960’s.


A brave add on to the Man Out Of Time graphic novel, is this inclusion of the original Captain America thawed out in the present day story.

The artwork is much simpler, and the emphasise is on action and pacing, but the basic plot is quite similar. The Avengers find the Captain frozen in ice by a ludicrous moment of sheer chance after the embittered Sub-Mariner has pushed the iceberg holding him into the sea to drift south and melt. Iron Man just happens to see it from his submarine.

Thawed out, the 1940’s hero laments the loss of his friend Bucky on their last mission, to stop a remote controlled bomb-plane the Nazis invented – the same explosion gets Steve Rogers (Captain America0 trapped in the ice.

Rogers seems to know exactly how long he was frozen for. He tells the Avengers rather than being told by them, and as in the modern reworking novel, he is initially befriended again by Rick Jones, a friend of Bruce Banner’s, the Hulk, a member of The Avengers, who has mysteriously vanished.

The Avengers themselves are turned to stone by an alien who is seeking his own damaged space ship. The stone-paralysis is temporary as he worries about being attacked. Captain America gets him to un-stone the Avengers who help him rescue his spaceship from the seabed.

As they salvage the ship, Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner, attacks and Captain America helps save everyone before joining the team as a regular member.

The story is full of clichés and coincidences. Namor just happens to be attacking Eskimos and finds the iceberg with Rogers in it, but tries to destroy it without knowing who is inside. Interestingly, when they do tangle with one another later, The Sub-Mariner and Captain America fail to recognize one another even though they are depicted as wartime allies from Captain America’s pre-freeze adventures.

A fun romp of a story and useful archive material beside the for once, superior 21st Century revision.

Arthur Chappell

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