Cell Analogies: The Cell is Like a Country

This is a cell analogy that that models the cell after a country. There are examples of lots of organelles that relate in an accurate manner. Also, there is a legend towards the end for clarification and reference.

The United Cells of America

By Ali Maredia and Saalik (cP3) Patel


The United Cells of America has a stable and righteous government, which is like the nucleus because the government runs the country and controls the country’s actions. The government is well protected with security guards and surveillance. The government helps bring the country to prosperity. More importantly, it keeps the country “alive”. Much of the main decisions of the country come from the government.

 Because U.C.A. has ample coal and uranium deposits, the power plants they had are like mitochondria because the U.C.A. power plants make coal and uranium into a resource (electricity) that can be used throughout the nation. The power plants help the country run. Without the plants, the country would not function. This is why the power plants are very important. They also run dangerous nuclear reactions inside of them, which makes the working environment very dangerous.

The United Cells has a very good transportation and highway system. They even have an autobahn were cars could go extremely fast. The highways and roads allow goods to be transported quickly. This helps connect the country. The highway system is like the rough endoplasmic reticulum because the rough ER allows a means of transportation for ribosomes.

In every city in the U.C.A., there is a sanitation department with janitors and garbage trucks. Sometimes, the janitors and workers die from accidents and work hazards while they clean up dutifully. Without the sanitary department, the country would be clogged up with trash. This would be very hazardous to all of the citizens living across the nation. The department cleans up the city and disposes of every citizen’s trash. The sanitation department is like lysosomes because they dispose of the cell’s wastes quickly and efficiently.

If you wanted to send something to someone else in the United Cells, you can use their postal service. They are known for speed and efficiency. They package your mail or anything else you are sending and they ship it across the country (for a low flat rate). Without the post service, people won’t be able to send anything. The post service is another way people transport things around the U.C.A. The postal service is like the Golgi bodies, because the Golgi bodies package protein and send it to all parts of the cell.

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    On November 29, 2011 at 4:00 am

    this is a well researched article. nice.

  2. Ali Maredia Says...

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    Thank you! I appreciate it.

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