“Building” Project with The Lift in The Weltraummit The Elevator Into Space

Tourists should be able to throw for a week-long trip on a high-speed lift from a platform at 36 000 kilometers altitude look at the earth.

One week to go lift a look at the Earth can be

A Japanese construction company wants to build an elevator into space. From a viewing platform at 36 000 km above the well-heeled passengers could then her eyes roam over the earth.

The idea would be to construct a 96,000 km long tube in which a high-speed elevator will carry people into space, said the company Obayashi on Wednesday. The elevator into space to about 2050 could be operational.

200 kilometers per hour

Up to 30 passengers to the elevator with a speed of 200 kilometers per hour, catapulting into the air. After about a week traveling time would the passengers so on a platform of 36 000 km altitude, Obayashi drew his visions of the future.

Tourists would get there, but scientists could go to the end and cover such as a quarter of the distance to the moon. “People have always admired tall towers,” explained project leader Satomi Katsuyama the idea of a space elevator.

Investor wanted

According to experts Obayashis such a project is technically feasible. The company acknowledged, however, it could not yet estimate the cost. Moreover, there is still an investor and if it is not yet clear where the giant tube could be built on earth and who wanted to be shooting in the elevator into space.

Obayashi is a reputable Japanese construction company, which is known among other things, the construction of the “Stadium Australia” for the Olympic Games in Sydney and for their collaboration on the construction of the metro in Dubai. Currently, Obayashi builds on Japan’s tallest building, the Tokyo Sky Tree with a height of 634 meters.

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