Buildcraft-minecraft Lets Play! Ep One

Episode one of a new lets play! In this lets play my main goal is to use a lot of the things in the buildcraft mod. So you can expect a lot more machinery later on in this lets play (:

This is the first of now 18 videos I have in my series. Later on in the series it branches off into a tekkit world and the original buildcraft world is no longer involved. My channel mainly focuses on minecraft videos with a little Call of Duty thrown into the mix. My channel was fairly small when I first started this series and I think this series is part of the reason my channel is where it is now. I am pushing 255 subscribers and over 30,000 total views on my videos. That is still a small channel compaired to some of the other channels out there but it is much bigger than when I made this video that is for sure.

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