Balancing The Use of Energy

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  I know hardly anyone in the United States wants to hear about solar energy. It’s risky to make such a big transition from gas and oil fueling things to the sun and electricty. However, we have some things that’re running on solar energy and electricty. 

I think if the government wants a quick and efficient way to save on energy, and transfer from the cost and damages that come with fossil fuels, they should invest in solar energy. We do have enough ready information on solar energy. 

 I think we should accept solar paneling and electric cars because it’s another type of energy dependence that we can afford. It will save us from damaging our own air and environment in the long run. It will, most of all, lessen the costs off fossil fuels. I think it is a quick not-too-risky way to get out of our dependence on foreign oil.

The Balance 

The balance is in regards to businesses who sell electricity and homes. I ask you to think of how much revenue you would have in providing electricity to cars. In homes, with people investing in a house that doesn’t have to use electricity.

People in The States will never stop driving. It’s something that’s needed, even in transits, mass commuting. This would sustain generated income with electric companies if the United States leans more to solar paneling. It would provide the rest of us with, hopefully, affordable energy for our vehicles. 

It can be a balance, save the U.S. money, get us off complete oil dependence from other countries, and start new types of investments in vehicles and homes. We drive all the time. To use electric vehicles would be beneficial to electric companies. There are tons of cars. There will be tons of drivers in the future, from one generation to the next. Including older genrations that have retired and may just want to try something new.

Traditional Cost

The cost will definitely be in tradition, so much in making the solar energy change, even to solar paneling. Our country has pride in the vehicles we had over our past decades. Ford and Novas etc… We have fast and powerful vehicles that we love to own and drive even today. They run off gas and are considered too much of antiques to be changed or altered. It’s a cultural thing. These types of vehicles are our cultural treasures. 

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