Astronauts Make Robot Gloves So Cyborgs

TEXAS – National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and General Motors (GM) reportedly is developing a robot glove. This robot glove can be used for practical applications in space and on land (planet Earth).

Prototype Design K-Glove (Photo: Softpedia)

As reported by Softpedia, Thursday (03/15/2012), gloves, developed by NASA and GM is called the K-Glove. Gloves are still a prototype design that will be enabled to work in outer space and other heavy work, and this glove can also reduce the risk of injury to users.

K-Glove allows users to have additional power in his hands, like the grip objects tightly. In addition, the engine found in the glove can find out the minimum amount of force needed to perform simple tasks like holding a hammer, and not have to exert much extra pressure on the object.

Possessed of advanced functions such gloves, astronauts are able to make super ability such as Cyborg (cybernetic organism) or a combination of machine and human. In the near future, the device is expected to assist astronauts in performing exploration of outer space is more complicated.

“This prototype gloves provide a promising opportunity to explore new ideas and challenge our traditional thinking about the activities of workers hand dexterity in space,” said Trish Petete, head of the crew and thermal systems division, NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC).

Using technology Robo-Glove, before NASA and GM have also created a Robonaut-2, the robot assistant who had helped in the International Space Station (ISS) According to him, one thing that dipatut considered to create a robot assistant is his work with human sensitivity. This means that necessary controls are appropriate when interacting with humans to handle these jobs.

“K-Glove is the first of what we expect to be a reliable robot Robonaut 2 of development. We also developed a weapon that uses technology as a vehicle used Robonaut to NASA exploration missions in space,” said Ron Diftler, Robonaut-2 program manager.

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