The Evolution of Electricity

Electricity’s evolution and the famous names in electricity.

(8 eminent electrical research scientists)

Thomas Edison (innovation – 1879)

            Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931) is one of the most known electrical inventors. One of his biggest contributions to the evolution of electricity was producing electric light. He had tested many different types of filaments appropriate for the light bulb. Then, he finally reached a conclusion of using a carbon filament and carbonized bamboos which would last 1 200 hours and successfully tested it in the year 1879. He later formed a company called Edison Electrical Light Company. Thomas Edison also had 121 power stations delivering DC (direct current) electricity to customers in the United States of America and was competing with George Westinghouse’s AC (alternating current).

George Westinghouse (innovation – 1886)

            George Westinghouse (1846-1914) was an entrepreneur, engineer, and one of the main rivals of Thomas Edison in the electricity system. He had promoted AC (alternating current) electricity which produced higher voltage, transported over cheap and thin wires, and could be stepped down for distribution to customers. He had refined AC power and installed the first AC power system in Great Barrington, Massachusetts by 1886. He had also created electricity through hydroelectric plants in Niagara Falls. He was clearly winning the “War of Currents” against Thomas Edison.

Nikola Tesla (invention – late 1800s)

             Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) was often regarded by many as “The father of physics” and “The man who invented the twentieth century”. That was actually a good name for him as he had innovated and invented a lot of technology and electrical advancements today. George Westinghouse had promoted his innovation of alternating current (AC) electric power and won the “War of Currents”. Today, the alternating current system lights the entire planet due to its efficiency and power. He had also shed some light in electromagnetic by testing and wireless communication.

Julius Edgar Lilienfeld (invention – 1928)

            Julius Edgar Lilienfeld (1881-1963) was a well known physicist for his innovation to electricity. He had created a FET(field effect transistor) in the year 1928. The field effect transistor relies on an electric field to supervise the shape and the conductivity of the channel in the semiconductor object and can be used as voltage controlling resistors. This was a great invention as it had innovated and led to the resistors today that restrict the flow of current.

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