Nuclear Power: The Power of the Future

Why nuclear power is better than most alternative energy sources such as wind, solar, and coal.

Nuclear power is the power of the future. It is the world’s best chance to produce efficient energy. It can produce a lot of energy with very little waste. It produces less waste than many other energy alternatives. Nuclear power produces less than one one hundredth pollution than coal or gas. Many people think that nuclear waste disposal will be a problem. It will not. We can safely dispose of the waste. Not just that, but it only costs 3-5 cents per a Kilowatt-Hour to do it.

Other energy sources will not work as good as nuclear power. Coal and gas both produce CO2, pollution, and this can lead to disasters. This can lead to our atmosphere getting messed up and letting in more UV rays than we should. Also, pollution and CO2 can lead to global warming and the melting of our arctic poles.

Many people think that nuclear power is dangerous (probably because nuclear bombs are so notorious). This simply is not true. The worst accident killed thirty people. And this was a while back. Now, with new technologies and safety precautions, an accident is even  less likely to happen. According to, nuclear energy really kill less people than other energy sources. Coal kills 85 people per terawatt produced, gas kills 85. Hydroelectric can massacre a whooping 885. Nuclear power kills EIGHT people.

Nuclear power is also the energy source we will be using in the near future because it can produce much more power than other sources. For example, one kilogram of uranium produces more power than two hundred barrels of oil.

Other sources of energy are faulty. For example, wind is undependable and random. It cannot produce constant energy. Good spots for wind are far away from metropolises so transferring the energy that far can be vexing. Solar power is also undependable because the sun does not always shine. Solar panels  cost much more upon being inefficient.

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