Deserts and Farming

How you ever imagined that a desert can be turned into a farmland? It is possible! Read the following article to see the wise of human beings in Egypt.

Desert is a landscape or region that receives very little precipitation (less than 250mm annually). Deserts are usually hard for animals and plants to live in as there is a lack of water and food. People living in deserts are thus trying to improve their living environment. The project which aims to “green” deserts in Egypt is an example.


Egypt is a country in North Africa. The majority of Egypt is covered by sandy deserts. The climate there is hot and dry. For example, the Sahara Desert receives an annual precipitation of 250mm only. The mean annual temperature is moderately high (about 18℃). This in turn leads to the high evapotranspiration rate and low relative humidity (about 16-64%). Noticing the unfavorable climate, the Egyptian government planned to turn parts of its desert areas into farmland. The plan had already grown beyond its early stages and is nearly achieving large-scale success.

When I first heard the plan of turning deserts into farmland, I thought that it is an impossible job. The soil in deserts is extremely poor, saline and infertile, with low moisture holding capacity. So, it is arduous to develop agriculture there. Yet, the Egyptian government carried out different methods and overcame the obstacles. It is really a great achievement for the citizens living in Egypt as it improved their life in many ways.

In fact, we can always relate geography to our life. Take the Egyptian government as an example, it teaches us to be brave and calm while solving difficulties. In Egypt, the harsh environment affects the living of local people. Instead of migration, local people tried to overcome and adapt to the physical constraints. They do not evade but make use of their knowledge to figure out solutions. Finally, they succeed.

In our life, we do not always have the courage to express our ideas. For instance, some students do not answer the questions suggested by the teachers even if they know the answer. It is caused by our fear. We are not sure whether our ideas are efficient and helpful. And we are fear if our ideas are stupid or not. Because of our fear, we cannot express our great ideas. In Egypt, the government has never turned deserts into farmland before. However, she has the determination and courage to carry out the project. No one knows about the future of Egypt. But we all know that the efforts made by the government will not be wasted.

Our dreams may come true on one day and so we should try to achieve our goals. Now, the dream of the Egyptian government is coming true. We are all glad to see a new “green” Egypt.

It is easy to pollute a place within a day. But it is hard for us to recover a place. Therefore, I think it is essential for us to preserve the environment. Otherwise, we will not be able to have a life as stable as we are enjoying.

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