Advancements in Technology: Good or Bad?

People often say that technological advancements are always helpful, but is it true? Are there any precautions we must take before accepting this fact?

The advancements of technology have led the media to liken it to a double-edged sword; something seemingly elegant that can turn violent instantaneously. Unfortunately, this is a rational comparison. Technology has led to many innovative conceptions such as rapid transit, coffee makers and televisions. However, technology has also shown its dark side, evident in wars that have broken out, gruesome murders and catastrophic crashes that killed millions. All because of a few new technological inventions that everyone assumed were safe. Millions of people believe that technology can save us from our problems, but there are numerous issues with this assumption. Some seem to think that technology is autonomous and will better society spontaneously. So the public utilizes technology for faster transportation systems, economical reasons, communications and security. Some unknown terrors may be waiting for us to unsuspectingly unveil them, showing that a commonly-held opinion may yet be proven false.

The transportation systems all over the world use new technology every day. From ships to cars to skateboards, new technologies are there to make us move faster and waste less time. However, as our speeds increase, so does the potential impact and damage. Many know what it feels when a car suddenly stops at an intersection and also the sensation of being pitched forward. The force of that magnified tenfold would create catastrophic damage. With modern technologies, cars at blazing speeds turn into powerful weapons that turn those happy families into sad ones as loved ones’ lives are lost. As new technologies allow for more passengers, the risk of suddenly killing them all in a single horrible accident increases as well. As evident in history, the majestic Titanic was touted as unsinkable with its supposedly waterproof gates and was a gargantuan ship. Sadly, most of those that night perished in the icy cold waters. Just because it’s newer, bigger and faster doesn’t mean it’s any safer.

The economy has emerged as a hot topic for political platforms. Following the sudden market crash, companies have decided to reformat their organization. However, in the present and, possibly more in the future, machines have begun to take over the manual parts of the company. For example, in car factories, machines have begun to assist humans in the construction process. The transit system also has signs of machines taking over jobs. In some old-fashioned places, they still have a booth where you give money to a cashier who will then give you a ticket to your train. However, modern technology has now replaced those people with machines. Instead of giving money to a person, money is fed to a machine that can process it faster. Evidently, machines have the potential to take over the job market.

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