A Matter of Frequency..

All Matter is Energy, dancing to a frequency…

Everything we see around us, EVEN us as living beings, are made up of Energy. The forms we see, and some we don’t see, are all made up of this energy, VIBRATING in a specific pattern, at a specific FREQUENCY

For centuries, some enlightened
individuals have  known about energy and the frequency thing, but most of modern society  haven’t a clue as to WHAT they, or their surroundings, are. I don’t know about now, but they use to tell us in school(long time ago) that we, as Human beings, were NOT a SOLID entity. Almost scary..Huh?

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We are not just energy beings, but are also surrounded by an energy field. I guess you might say that this is the Pond we are swimming in? We get our energy from this  FIELD and it effects how we exist. What is really scary is the fact that our THOUGHTS(that is another topic for discussion) can change, influence, that field and change our own existence. Needless to say, we have to watch what we think, or the pond can get really murky.

We, as mortal humans knows what it’s like to get sick. What most DON’T know is that the problems doesn’t usually start in our bodies, but in the energy field(our  surroundings). There is a disruption in the harmony(feeling good) of the energy field, thus the term DIS-ease. Often, it is our thoughts that have made us sick, but can’t say for certain that that is always the case. It has a lot to do with  what we believe(think), thus the idea of Faith and healing. I have no doubts that we were given the ability to THINK OTHERWISE and heal ourselves.

There is the concept of COLOR HEALINGthat has long proven true, but then again, the different  colors are each of DIFFERENT frequencies. It is just a matter of  what we need to feel good, and how we exist.

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  1. Inxxu Says...

    On August 13, 2010 at 5:28 am

    That is interesting thought! Generally speaking, it is true or otherwise, the Law of Attraction wouldn´t exist :)

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