21st Century Cars

Cars have significantly changed since their conception. New features have been added to take the stress off when driving for long distances. An analysis we have conducted shows improvements in green technology, entertainment systems, and safety.

Green Tech
     With concern about the environment and dependency on oil growing, there has been increased funding seeking alternatives. New technology has been developed that both cuts down on emissions, and does not require oil. The following are alternatives for your car along with their advantages.
    Hybrid. This brings the addition of an electric motor and rechargeable batteries.
    Electric. Unlike the hybrid, this relies solely on electricity. A bonus is it’s 50% reduction of carbon pollution.
    Ethanol. An alternative consisting of 85% alcohol and 15% gasoline. The alcohol is made from biomass.
    Biodiesel. Made from biomass, and possibly soybeans; This may require little modification to the existing diesel design.
    Hydrogen. This is possibly the cleanest choice as it emits water vapor.
     In order for driving to be a joyful experience, companies have been experimenting on ways to incorporate entertainment systems into their design. With prices falling, it is a great opportunity to pick up one of the systems described.
    Television. With WIFI, users will be able to get 3D movies for their enjoyment. If WIFI is not available then another option is satellite antenna, which is perfect in places where there is little to block the antenna signal.
    Gaming. Gaming can provide an interesting activity for both children, and adults alike. Today research is done on holographic displays, and motion detectors to make this system fit for the car’s specific lack of space to move in. As the power of wireless internet increases so will the number of applications that will run on the system.
    Digital music. With the option of storing up to 20 gigabytes you can add all your favorite music.
     New features can add comfort to your car. Similar to entertainment, these systems run parallel to advancements in their own respective field. Most of the below may already come with the car.
    Navigation. GPS systems may be preset. There is no more need to buy your own hand-held device, and fumble it around in your hand. Paying attention to the road is a higher priority! Beside their ability to provide directions, some come with real-time data offering warnings about traffic congestion, and points of interest.
    Tire-pressure monitoring. A sensor can provide warning if the tire is about to go flat, a must have for safety.
    Blind-spot detection. Provides a notice if anything appears in your blind spot. The alarm may vary.

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