Egypt :Stolen “Radioactive Sources” of a Nuclear Power Plant Under Construction Suck


Al-Ahram newspaper said on Thursday that "radioactive sources" were stolen from a nuclear power plant under construction on the Mediterranean coast in Egypt had witnessed violent protests, but a spokesman denied that the protesters.


Stealing: Impulsive or Instinctive: Genetic Framework!


While the family, friends, family and society are blamed for the act of stealing, it may be an even more severe problem that has its roots in the genes.


Stealing: Impulsive or Instinctive: Other Species!


Though animals have and follow higher ethical values guided by their instincts, there are several instances found in nature, where animals are known to steal from others – either from the members of their own breed or other species as well.


World’s Most Ugly, Amazing, Weird, and Sometimes Even Cute Animals


The world is full of all kinds of animals. Cute, ugly, weird, and sometimes extremely strange! They are all God’s creatures and they are pretty neat. I have collected some pictures of what I think are the strangest and sometimes cutest (in a strange way) animals for you to see.