Souls Do Exist: All are Equal!


The followers of Hinduism were the first people to come up with the concept of Advaita, which puts forth the concept that all beings in the world are equal. Here are a few points from the perspective of the soul that proves it.


Souls Do Exist: Changing Dresses!


In Bhagwad Gita, Lord Krishna mentions that the souls use bodies just like dresses to enjoy life and they leave their dresses in the form of death to assume a new dress (life). How true could this be? Here are a few thoughts from scientific knowledge that may prove this right.


Souls Do Exist: Short-term Memory Loss!


Since the souls tend to take up various visible forms and appear in the world until their time comes to leave the body lifeless, how can one not remember their past births or past existences?


Souls Do Exist: Do Plants and Stones Have Souls?


Some faith systems assume that even the stones and sand have souls, while there are a few systems that believe that the souls are a prerogative of only the higher order creatures such as humans.


Souls Do Exist: Fixed Number of Souls


There are a few scientific proofs that claim the existence of the souls and a definitive number of souls as a threshold that would never be breached.