Canadian Lynx: The Cat That Loves Snowshoe Hares


The Canadian lynx is extremely solitary and single minded in his dining preferences. Snowshoe hares comprise a huge percentage of Lynxes’ diet. The welfare of the two species is tightly intertwined. While the Lynx patrols the snowy northern woods his cousin, the Bobcat, prefers less harsh winters. These beautiful animals are seldom seen by man because of the remoteness of their preferred habitat.


Animals That Takes Us


I learned all the major animal fibers are wool textile industry and silk, that comes from sheep wool and silk from silkworms. Rarely think that fabrics which have put mankind (and still do) are obtained and the contribution of other species – an unexpectedly large numbers of animals also provide human material for all kinds of fabrics and braids. And among these animals, there are some which may surprise you, for instance, seashells and spiders.