Beware!! Antioxidant Supplements Could be Dangerous


If you want to retain the stamina to stay healthy and balanced, the antioxidants in supplement form is believed to provide benefits to the body. Just like foods containing antioxidants, antioxidant supplements also help to prevent various diseases.


Germs Help Species Evolve: Studies Show


"I thought it was amazing that there were a million bacteria per square centimeter. The bacterial cells outnumber us," said Segre, whose study is published in the journal Genome Research.


Gene and Postgene


In the first decade of the XXI century, scientists have completed the decoding of the human genome. It was the biggest project in the history of biology. Has been dubbed an era of "post-genome era." From a single genome is now switched to mass transcripts. It became possible to design personalized medicines and investigate the cause of unexplained illnesses.