The Bronx Zoo: Wildlife in The Concrete Jungle


The Bronx Zoo has been especially effective in breeding western lowland gorillas, with 42 births in total. Up to 30 lowland gorillas will inhabit the space, made up of rock promontories, bamboo jungle, meadows, wading pools, and thick forest.


Is Homo Ergaster a Unique Species?


Some scientists and skeptics feel that Homo ergaster does not have what it takes to be a species of its own. Rather some feel that Homo ergaster is simply an early version of Homo erectus. Not everyone agrees that H. ergaster is indeed related to H. erectus, instead, there are some that believe Homo ergaster is a direct ancestor of Homo heidelbergensis, Homo sapiens, and Homo neanderthalis (Hazariza 2007). Again this view is not accepted by everyone either. In an attempt to better understand H. ergaster, fossil studies have been done by various scientists. As expected not all of these studies agree with one another.