Mosquitos: Little Vampires and How to Protect Yourself


Mosquito bites can be aggravating and a serious health hazard. This is an environmentally safe and cheap way to protect your self with something you already have on hand.


Mosquito Bite


Who are they – these small, food abusers, who are so plagued us in the summer.. One should distinguish between Anopheles (genus Anopheles) and nemalyariynyh (genera Aedes, Culex, Mansonia, Culiseta, and others) mosquitoes. First, as the name implies, are vectors of malaria (malaria parasites). The plasmodium is the simplest, penetrating through the mosquito salivary glands. Previously malaria have almost never met, but in recent years the situation has changed because of the abundance of people coming from southern countries. In the past year in Russia, fell ill about a thousand people.


Botfly: A Vampire Insect as Horrifying as any Fiction


There are about 150 species of hairy flies that are known to be parasitic to mammals. Notably there is the Dermatobia hominus, the human botfly. This is going to be nasty folks.


What Mosquitoes Like


Why mosquitoes tend to be more drawn to some people than others.