The Grant’s Zebra: The Smallest and Most Widespread Zebra Species


They maybe small in structure but their imposing black and white stripes dominates the steamy plains of Africa. Learn more about the fascinating Grant’s Zebra.


The Island’s Fiercest Predator: The Komodo Dragon


The Komodo dragon is one the most unique and exotic animals found on earth. It’s kept as a favorite pet even though it’s the fiercest predator. This amazing animal is the largest species of lizard found in the Indonesian Island of Komodo, as well as the heaviest living animal in the world.


A Charged Up Meal: The Dinner with a Difference


The Duck Billed Platypus of eastern Australia is one of nature’s strangest creatures – so strange that when the first complete specimen of a platypus arrived in London in 1798, scientists at the British Museum thought that someone was playing a practical joke on them.


Unbelievable and Shocking Discovery: Animals That Resemble Humans


What if one day, you happen to see any of these bizarre animals, appearing half human and half animal? Will you run away from this weird animal? Will you scream out in shock, or will you just release it back to the wild?


10 + Incredibly Bizarre Animals with Unusual Human Faces


Unbelievable! These bizarre animals have an unusual appearance of human faces. Whether they are a result of evolution or a hybrid product of human, they seem to have us amazed with their incredible human features.


Genetic Mistakes: Eight Two-headed Living Lives


It’s always hard to draw a parallel line when it comes to “two animals share with one body” or/and “one animal is conjoined with two heads”. While the most common animals with two heads or two faces like snakes, tortoises and cats do not always shock the experts, many other uncommon two-headed species and two-headed human as well, always shock the experts. Not surprisingly, there is always a controversy debate on this issue among the community.


Animal Magician


These animals are amazing. They’re famous animal magicians that could perform many tricks. Not only they can change color, but they’re amazing in other ways, too.