What Do You Begin in The Morning The Whole Atmosphere Will Determine Today

Every morning when I wake up, our minds as “Rollet” and can stop at any point. He had previously spun, and when you stop to stare reality in the wake of a new day.

Shortly after you recover consciousness, what are you doing? Remember your problem and complain, or remember your dishes, and shouting to your servant, or your child will remember the school and also to your child scream?

Or anger at a partner because there is a problem that has not been completed? For those of you who still own, immediately grab the phone and call your girlfriend just to rant to your problem?

Let us remember, what you do first after you wake up?

Our daily life in a day, for some people who say: “How I suffered all day streak of disappointing events? I experienced things that happen to benefit? I’ve always been unlucky in today? “

Whether you are a day event, whether accidental luck, lucky coincidence, sad coincidence, happened to fail, is a coincidence with no intent?

All of these events is a ‘pattern’ of our own making. Where we make a pattern? When we understand that the mind is a magnetic field and will attract something similar, then the magnetic field of mind with bad luck, bad luck will draw on its way. Similarly to the magnetic field cheerful mind, will attract joy in the journey.

When at night we pray that tomorrow we will get joy, meaning we’ve looked forward to pull these things. But is it enough? Now we see that we are destroying the hope that when we wake up. Resentment, anger, disappointment remember, is a destructive thing in the evening prayer of hope. And with that, someone made a new pattern for the whole day on that day.

Conditions at the time of waking up early is a critical condition, where we put our program to the state of mind in one day. Given the importance of this, then I warn loudly: ‘Do not scold your child so he wakes up!’ Or ‘Do not remove the hard words to your child as soon as he woke up’

The entire program will be translated in mind that day on the basis of what you did at the beginning of the wake. You make the program start up disappointed because you remember the disappointment and regret, lost in grief, and others. You’re making a magnetic field for your daily thoughts and interesting things are similar in that day.

What did you start in the morning will set the tone for the entire day. This means that this is our choice, will make our day as what? We want to create a heaven or hell? With this understanding, do not blame anyone when all day you’re having bad luck, disappointment, anger, or other negative thing because you start with negative thoughts in the morning.

What did you start in the morning will set the tone for the entire day. This means that we can determine the pattern of our daily life. The trick?

First is grateful! Grateful for everything that you experience this morning again. Give thanks to involve all your senses.

The second is to develop a sense of cheerful, happy, happy, and positive!

The third is an expression both of the above with a smile to yourself. Translate feelings of gratitude and cheer into your physical form, that is smiling.

Congratulations to pick up your miracle today!

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