Universe There is No Beginning and No End of Big Bang Stop Forever

Universe there is no beginning and no end of big bang Stop Forever.

Based on the BBC radio report on the 25th of April last note: The universe is no beginning and no end, this is the latest new scientific theory was announced. With this theory, can explain a great doubt that cause people’s attention these days: Why planet and every galaxy is always taking the opposite direction, and the far left.

After the explosion of the universe from 15 billion years ago, the planet and every galaxy of each continues to spread outward. In theory, gravity is close together, the pace of development should be slowed down, but in reality, development is still rising rapidly.

Cosmologists do not know what power is separate planets and galaxies, but they can form an exact science formula provides an illustration of this phenomenon. These formulas predict the universe no beginning and no end, repeated explosion of the universe would last forever endlessly, and continue to occur. Cosmologists suggest that previous explosion was not the beginning, but it is just the latest in successive explosions circulation only.

In this circulation, the universe to warm up, development, cooling, suspension, discharge, and then expands again. According to the calculation of this formula, the universe will continue expanding approximately 1 trillion a year, then the characteristics of the mysterious force of gravity core changes, in a certain corner of the universe explosion occurred again, and everything starts all over again.

This theory can be proven through the investigation of gravitational waves caused by explosions. The results of the first investigation to be completed in a few years.

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