Types of Forces

What are the Types of Forces?

            There are two types of forces. These are contact and non-contact forces. Contact forces result from a direct contact between two surfaces or objects. These happen in cases like catching a ball, striking a match or scrubbing the floor. On the other hand, non-contact forces are forces that don’t involve direct contact among objects. Examples of this force are gravitational force and magnetic force. Forces of this kind are commonly known as forces acting as a distance.

            Gravitational force refers to a force of attraction that happens between two masses. If a person throw a stone upward, the object will always fall and move towards the ground or the center of the earth.

            This force is simply termed gravity. How about high tides? High tides happen when the gravitational pull of the moon is so great thus it causes the water level of the earth to rise. In addition, it is also the gravity of the earth that keeps the moon on its orbit. The existence of the force of gravity between any two masses on earth is completely overwhelmed by our earth’s gravitation. This gravitational pull of the earth on an object is the measure of the weight of an object.

            Magnetic force, moreover, is a force that occurs when an object attracts another object. Magnetic force of attraction is produced when a magnet acts on iron filings. The presence of a magnetic field is indicated when iron filings collect in a line.

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