The Unify Theory of Physics

This contains one part of my unify theory of physics.

theory on electro magnetism and gravity fields at the atomic level

I think that every atom from hydrogen up has it’s own electro magnetic field equaled in strength to the number of protons and electrons. So the electro magnetic field increases in strength. As the size of the atom increases through the periodical table and expanses through each size of molecule. And expanses with the grouping of molecules at the planetary level and the level of stars.

I think there is a mathematical equation at the hydrogen atom level that predicates the electro magnetic field strength based on atomic weight. or total molecular weight for a planet or star

I also think that the electro magnetic field creates the gravitational field as a sub force. By the passage of the electro magnetic field through matter. I think that the gravitational field lines run at a 90 degree angle inwards towards the electro magnetic field lines. The tighter the packing of the electro magnetic fields the high the strength of the gravitational field.

I think that the electro magnetic field strength increases a an exponential rate. In line with the increase of molecular weight of any give object. And therefore the exponential increase in gravitational field of any give object

So under this theory there should be an mathematical equation at the atomic level to predicate. The field strength of magnetism and gravity.

Current research on the magnetic fields and gravitational fields. For the sun. the earth and the moon. When looked as ratios of field strength over molecular weight. Suggest this is true.

Rules for electro magnetic and gravitational field lines

rule one) for electro magnetic field lines- no electro magnetic field can have an ending in dead space. All electro magnetic field lines must form perfect circles or perfect ellipses. This is true for all levels, from atomic, to molecules. to planets, to solar systems. to clusters of solar system in a galaxy. To the entire universe.

rule two) for gravitational fields a) at the atmosphere level for atoms, molecules planets and stars. the first ring of gravitational field- is a bi-directional force. with a gravitational field both towards and away from the centre line of any collective mass of matter. b) at the orbiting level, for the orbits of electrons, moons and planets and solar systems(within a known galaxy). gravity is a four way force, with the original bi-direction force of towards and away form the nucleus(at the atom level. then the cluster of molecules, then the size of planets, then the size of suns and the focus point of a galaxy. Third and fourth forces of gravity, of an orbiting body is the up and down forces of gravity. That are produce by the largest rings of the electro magnetic field lines. That incircle the entire orbiting belt(the final electro magnetic field of the solar system is the asteroid belt). There is an asteroid belt for all levels of matter from the smallest at the atom level through to largest at the spiral galaxy level

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