The Secret to Time Travel

Think Time Travel is only in Science Fiction? Think again…

First off, we are all time travellers, the thought that time travelling is impossible is ridiculous!  We all do it all the time, the challenge is not if we can travel through time, but actually if we can control the rate! at which we travel!

Most of us, travel through time (in a forward direction) at the exact same rate. So clearly time travel is possible, you are doing it right now as you ar reading this entry. But can you travel faster then everyone else?  Slower? Can you visit the past?

Viewing the Past

When you look up at the stars, the light that is reaching your eyes has taken hundreds (if not thousands or millions of years) to reach your eyes. So when you look into the stars you are in fact viewing the past, how the star looked hundreds of years ago. In fact that same star may have died yesterday, but you would still be seeing it for the next 100 years.  Now imagine way out on one of these stars you had a camera pointing back on earth.  The person looking through the camera would see the earth has it existed, one hundred, two hundred? a million years ago!.  Of course they can’t change what they see, only observe it.  Likely if we ever do invent a machine to travel to the past, we would only be able to view the past, and not interact with it directly. Think of sort of a ‘magic television’, that you can turn on/off various years and places in history and watch them as they happen, with no ability to alter it.

Travelling into the future

So what about the future?  Travelling into the future, is also easy. In fact there exist astronauts who have technically travelled into the future (if only for a few milliseconds).  Imagine you board a plane or a spaceship and travelled outward in space, going faster and faster and faster. Before boarding your synced your watch to your friends watch who remains on earth. At some point your turn around and head back to earth.  When you arrive back, it will appear as if your friends watch started operating slower and has lost few seconds. (and from his point of view, yours gained time). This effect is known as time dilation, and is real and observable. The faster your travel the more time dilation your experience, effectively you are moving into the future faster then people at earth.  In the extreme, if you travelled near the speed of light for towards the nearst star one year beyond our solar system, then turned around and travelled back, although you would only age about 4-5 years the earth may have aged as much as ten! On a smaller scale, pilots who spend the majority of their life flying around the earth actually age slower then then the monks who has never left the confines of his monastery.

Personally, I think Einstien has one flaw in his theory however.  I don’t think it is the speed of light that governs time travel. I actually think it is an amount somewhat smaller then the speed of light. There is a well known problem in physics around studies of light and the question of whether light follows wave theory or particle theory (it seems to follow both). There are similar expirements which suggest that the observation itself somehow mysteriously affects the expirement? How is this possible? The simple answer! Because you are looking at the future!

Viewing the Future

So far I explained how to “view” the past, and how to “travel” to the future. But what if you could “see” the future? How would that work? In fact the very act of seeing the future could potentially change the future, because you know have knowledge of something that has not yet happened. When you look into the future – the future changes!  If you preform an experiment in quantum mechanics, and as the observer you change the experiment, then it maybe because you viewed the future, but then the future changed!

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