The Power of Gravity

Gravity produces a force of nature which we can use to replace fossil fuels and other dangerous alternative sources of energy. While other nations proceed with researching its use, the U.S. has yet to begin to entertain the possibilities.

The force of gravity is an infinite source of energy. The constant pull of the Earth upon all masses produces a consistent pressure on those masses. Any presence of force is an indicator that energy is also present. The energy produced by gravity can be effectively utilized by our society for production of energy.

Presently other nations are researching into the development of extracting this energy and producing gravity driven engines. They are moving forward with the study of this technology while the United States swings in its marathon dance with oil industries.

There are many advantages to using gravity as an energy source. Gravity is constant, it is clean, it is controllable, it is easily available, it is readily usable, it does not require special periods of time, it does not have special safety constraints, it doesn’t require special atmospheric or climatic conditions, and the energy it produces can be increased in proportion to the amount of pressure stressed upon the masses compelled by the pull of gravity.

Excluding the efforts of researchers and engineers outside of the United States to manipulate the force of gravity as an energy source, I have in plans another approach to withdraw energy from gravity’s pull. After the development of engines based upon this approach, we will have another viable replacement for fossil fuels and other unacceptable alternative sources of energy.


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  1. Pareshkumar Says...

    On October 1, 2008 at 2:09 am


    I would like to provide you a new thought which can change present concept of potential energy.

    1. Two equal amount of forces in opposite direction at a given time may not move the OBJECT as per third law of Newton. This is horizontal pull like tug-of-war. Here ‘x’ amount of energy is lost at one end, and as OBJECT is not moved in either direction opposite end may also have lost equal amount of energy i.e. ‘x’.
    OBJECT is not moved and total loss of energy is ‘x’+'x’='2x’.

    2. Now let you hold an OBJECT at one meter height having 10kgs of weight for a given period of time this is a vertical position comparing to the tug-of-war. You are constantly loosing your energy with passage of time. As time increases you loose more energy and another person would hold the OBJECT in the same state of position, he would also loose energy with passage of time…..Now as per (1.) above OBJECT is not moved and equal amount of energy is lost from opposite ends. If we measure amount of energy ‘x’ used to hold the OBJECT at given height during given time then it would be same amount of energy used from other end i.e. earth due to effect of GRAVITY.

    Thus we can say that Gravity is source of energy and calculation of Potential energy (mgh) would be function of time i.e. mght.

    As this is now linked with time it is infinite. Gone is Gone you can utilize the present and future is unlimited.

    You can send me any comment and can also use my thoughts with reference to my name.

    Best wishes for time to come.

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