The Particular Sensation Regarding Dew in Opposition to Gravity

Ever see how dew is formed and dripping from a leaf of grass?

If you notice, the dew was dripping straight away. Dew at the bottom of the leaves or grass move up to the tip of the leaf before it drips.
Moisture movement upward against the force of gravity. Should, wherever there are, the dew will always move down, no need to tip of leaf.

The question then is, why this phenomenon occurs dew on the grass? What is this?

Shanahan makes modeling of dew drops and water drops are more volume. He found that the moisture can reduce the energy as it moves to the tip of the blade of grass.
The analysis is also performed on the shape of the blade of grass. Growing up, the smaller the leaf width.

There is an attractive force toward the dew drops leaves narrower. This force is greater than gravity so the moisture tends to move to the tip of the leaf.
Until the end of the leaf, the only force acting is gravity. As a result, new at that point that the moisture moves in free fall toward the ground.

The same phenomenon may not occur if the width of each leaf. If the width of each leaf, the dew will be distributed at random on the leaf surface.

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