The Information Universe

Could information be the real substance of the Universe?

Understanding the fundamental nature of reality can be considered the ultimate goal of physics. Attempts to do so include string theory and its cousin M-theory. One possibility that seems to be gaining ground though not fully developed is the idea that the universe is fundamentally information. That is rather than being a collection of material objects as common experience would suggest reality is actually an information system not much different in principle than a virtual reality produced by a computer program. 

This may be hard to accept at fist after all the universe we live in seems vary material to us but the notion that the universe is fundamentally information is really the best way to explain the world around us. That is because when you get below the level of our every day experiences matter looses any sense of being made of material stuff. The vary particles that make up every thing we see are not solid balls of matter but unless they are actually being observed they exist only as waves of probability. In fact when all of quantum weirdness is considered it is seems that the universe is fundamentally an information system designed to provide us (conscious beings) with a consistent reality for us to experience.

Such a conclusion is not a result of starting from a preconceived notion about reality but a result of what scientific evidence actually says. It may be hard to accept since it is so contrary to our normal experience, at least outside video games. However when you study the results of Quantum Mechanics and in particular the infamous double slit experiment this is the only conclusion that makes sense.

The following is points are for future articles on this topic. When each one is posted a link to it will be added to this page. If you have any suggestions for additional topics on this subject please leave a comment suggesting it.

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