Sir Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton’s life and some interesting facts about him and his theories.

Through the individual discoveries of great mathematicians, physicists, and scientists, the field of mathematics has evolved over the course of history. Many of these discoveries have revolutionized the way people understood existence and life. One of the great mathematicians, Sir Isaac newton, is credited with the discovery of some fundamental physics that changed how we view the physics of the universe and world. However, there are some interesting facts about Newton that some people do not know.

            While the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Isaac Newton is his discovery of gravity through an apple falling and hitting him on his head, this is speculated to be incorrect. It is not definitively known how he came up with it, but through his observations in the natural world, perhaps seeing an apple fall from a tree instead of hitting himself, he came up with his theory of gravity. Through reasoning and testing, he came up with his Law of Universal Gravitation ,  Fg = G (m1*m2 / r2)   , where (Fg) was gravitational force, (m1) and (m2) were the masses of two objects, (r) was the distance between the two objects, and (G) was the universal gravitational constant (“Sir Isaac Newton: The Universal Law of Gravitation”). This formula is still in use in the modern age to calculate the gravitational force between two objects.

            Although Sir Isaac Newton is credited with the invention of Calculus, a system of mathematics that studies how things change, there is an ongoing dispute about whether or not this is true. Another mathematician, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, is also said to have invented Calculus. It is said that Newton met with Leibniz and told him about his discoveries. A few years later, Leibniz published a paper on Calculus, crediting himself with its discovery. It is still debated who came up with it first, and there are people on each side of the argument, backing up each mathematician, trying to prove the truth. (“Sir Isaac Newton”)

            Interestingly, Sir Isaac Newton was also deeply involved in alchemy, a form of chemistry that focuses on transmuting baser metals into gold, finding a universal solvent, and creating an elixir of life (Alchemy). In between his publication of the theory of gravity and his laws of motion, almost twenty years, Newton worked with alchemy. He went to extremes to try to create alchemical potions and elixirs, even indulging himself in occult literature on the subject (Isaac Newton’s Hidden Agenda of Mysticism and Alchemy). Even though he spent a great deal of his scientific life on the matter of alchemy, to no avail or surprise, he did not create the fabled philosopher’s stone, and saw himself as a failure in the field.

            Sir Isaac Newton was a particularly important and interesting scientist of the Scientific Revolution. Newton ranks high on the list of important physicists, and is thought to have been the best scientist of his time. Through his discoveries and publications of the Law of Gravity, Laws of Motion, and other works, scientists now, in the modern era, are able to understand physics and the controlling the universe a little bit better. 

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