Science: What is a Quasar?

What is a quasar?

It is common knowledge that at the center of almost all galaxies galaxy there is a big black hole mass is very strong. But apparently in some galaxy, its central area is very bright, exceeding other parts of the galaxy. A very bright nucleus is referred to as active galactic nuclei (active galactic nuclei / AGN). Active galactic nuclei are usually found in the center of the galaxy where the black hole mass is super great. Because this is a black hole so generating energy for active galactic nuclei.

Quasar or quasi-stellar radio source is active galactic nuclei that are far away and is the object of a very bright, very energetic and very strong. These objects emit tremendous amounts of energy. If seen in telescopes, quasars will look like a dot similar to stars. But it turns out that point is not a star but a very bright galactic nuclei that are far away from us. How do we know this quasar is so far away?

The results showed that the quasar has a redshift as large as the effect of memuainya universe. Which means the distance between Earth and the quasar it will go up with the size of the quasar redshift.

Quasar powered by a black hole at the center of a very large mass galaxies mengakresi incompressible material around it and emits enormous gravitational energy. The black hole is always devoured material on sekelilinginya to get into him. As a voracious monster eat anything around him.

When the black hole mengakresi surrounding material, such material spinning faster and faster and started to heat up. All particles rub against each other so that release large amounts of light and X-ray radiation Well when the material is then devoured by the black hole, then the north and south poles of black holes would release enormous energy that the astronomers called cosmic jets. Never see a jet streaking through the air? Very fast and leaving a trail in the sky line right? Something like that cosmic jets. The energy is released very rapidly and its energy shot is very strong.

Quasar itself does not always come from the merging galaxies, as indeed it is not the result of a combination of two galaxies. Quasar galaxies can be anything that can evoke quasar black hole in it. But when two galaxies merge, super massive black hole in it is going to form a quasar. Since the black hole is an energizer for active galactic nuclei.

If quasarnya formed after the merger of two galaxies of galaxies galaxy what? Well, this could be from any galaxy as all galaxies have black holes with masses of super-large can result in quasars. When the Milky Way and Andromeda is estimated that join later will also form a quasar.

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