Science Information: Light and Sound

A piece of content all about sound and light energy.

Hi there, in this piece of content i am going to be telling you all about light and sound. OK let’s start with the basics. Firstly light and sound are both forms of energy. So this means that they can’t be created or destroyed. You may think they can but really they are being turned from other forms of energy into sound and light energy.


If an object is shiny or if you can see yourself in it then it is known as a reflective object or surface. When light is reflected it is bouncing off a mirror or a reflective surface. If the surface is bent or shaped strangely the light is reflected off it at a strange angle or in a strange shape. This may make an image that is being reflected bend or enlarge itself. Sometimes the path of a beam of light can be changed or bent slightly. This is known as reflection or refraction. Also Light can’t be bent so to speak, but kinks can be made in a beam of light. This may seem like the light is being bent but it is not. Both sound and light need time to travel from one place to another.

When a beam of light is reflected off a flat surface the angle of incidence is always the same as the angle of reflection. The angle of incidence is measured from the beam of light to the normal as is the angle of reflection. An interesting fact the everyone should know is that light travels at approximately 300,000,000 meters per second. This cannot be changed and light can only pass through transparent objects unlike sound which can easily pass through almost any form of matter either opaque or transparent.

When white light is passed through a triangular prism, a spectrum of light is shown when the light leaves the prism. This is known as dispersion. This is because all the different colours are being disbursed at a different wavelength.The light that we can see is only part of all the different types of light. There is also infra red and ultra violet light. Infra red is before the spectrum of light and ultra violet comes after. These aren’t the only types of light, there are so many more.


When you hear an echo you may think you have a clone calling back to you hehehe. But actually it’s just some of the sound waves bouncing off the surface of the walls or mountains etc around you. I know I said that sound passes through almost all matter, but some of it is repelled while the rest is being absorbed by the object or passing through it. When you hear sound it isn’t just one frequency or one volume. There are lots of different sounds. These different sounds can be made if what is called the wavelength is smaller of larger. On what is called an oscilloscope, you can test different sounds for different wavelengths. It will show a small image with waves going up and down the picture. If there are more waves the frequency of the sound is higher, but if there are less waves the frequency is lower. This is because the more waves there are the more vibrations per second there are, and the more vibrations per second there are the higher the sound will be. Some sounds have such a high frequency that we can’t hear them. The height of the waves also means something, it indicates volume of the sound. If the waves are longer the sound is louder and vice versa.

An interesting fact about sound is that it travels at approximately 300 meters per second in the earth’s atmosphere. But the speed can vary depending on the density of the substance that it travels through.

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