Science, a Boon and a Bane

This article is about science which is more and more helpful for us in our daily life. ut let us check whether it is a blessing only or it is also a curse too.

“Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind.” These are the words quoted by the famous scientist Albert Einstein.

Science is a boon and as well as a bane. It depends upon the person who uses it.

E = MC2. This was discovered by Peace loving Einstein and it leads to many wonderful and useful discoveries, but it led to the discovery of Atom Bomb also which destroyed so many lives even in the very early stage of its discovery itself. So I want to say that the science is a boon and a bane, it depends upon how we use it, just like a simple example in our daily life that a knife is useful to cut vegetables etc. and also can use to kill a human being. That is why I tell you that it is in the hands of the user that makes science a blessing and a curse.

The emission of harmful green house gases and destructive activities like deforestation are today happening under the name of science and development. These are the main causes of the condition of our earth becoming worse day by day.

These activities are lead to many problems. Some of its ill effects are the rising temperature, natural calamities, shortage of food, increase in diseases etc. But these could be prevented by taking some simple measures like wise and judicious use of technology, eco-friendly fuels could be used and many more steps could make this world a better place. 

I just remember a story told by a priest in his homely. There is a type of game among children that they catch a grass hopper and hold it in their closed fist and ask others that is it dead or alive? If the opponent tells that it is dead, then that child opens his fist and set the creature free to prove that it is not dead. But if the opponent says that it is alive, then they will grind the poor creature to death to prove that it is dead.

When it was asked to the priest, he said “it is in the hands of you that it’s alive or dead.” Yes, the player could kill it or save it. Just like this world is in our hands and it’s upon us to destroy it or to save it. I say that think wise, act wise. Let us keep science as a boon only.

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