Reactions of Males vs.. Females From Unknown Sounds

A study of an experiment I did.




            Twenty random subjects were selected for this experiment, ten males and ten females. A tester pretended to be shopping at a store while being close to people. When they were not looking the tester rapped his knuckles together to make a noticeable noise. The results of the experiment were inconclusive as neither gender showed a major reaction to the noise.



            This experiment was a test in gender reactions. The reasons for the test were to judge each gender’s reaction. There has long been a belief that males when presented an unknown situation they will go for a fight without investigating. Females will however flee from it after investigating. The possible uses of this would be in crowd control. The people would in theory be able to use this to determine who to go after first if there was a disturbance. This would also be useful evacuating people quickly from an unknown threat like a bomb threat. This would potentially be useful as it could save lives and protect people. It could also be used in riot control to end a riot faster and safer.

               A small number of studies done on topics like this had a few similarities to this experiment. They dealt with living beings reactions to sudden stimuli. All of them used sounds for their experiments. However all of them share a major difference: while they openly told the subjects of the experiment and they knew about it, I used stealth to conduct the experiments. Another one is that I only used sound while they also used visual stimuli along with sound.     

                One study done by Vrana dealt with cattle and how they reacted to loud noises in places like feedlots or auction lots. The reactions of the cattle were measured using a system of one to four, one being no reaction to four basically having a huge tantrum. The methods used to test it were the ring man swinging his arms and yelling a bid or the cattle being hit with a paddle or cane. The similarities in this study with mine were that we both used sounds to see which gender reacted the most. However the major differences were they used cattle and visual stimuli as well but I only used people and sounds for testing the experiment.

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