Quantum Entanglement Found Between Diamonds

This article describes an experiment in which two small diamonds where shown to be quantum entangled art room temperature.

Quantum entanglement is quantum properties of two or more objects become related so that a change in the properties on causes an instantaneous change the same properties in the others regardless of the distance between them. Quantum entanglement normally are seen only the realm extremely small and cold. How ever a recent experiment at the Clarendon Laboratory of the University of Oxford in England has produced quantum entanglement in small diamonds at room temperatures.

The diamonds where the quantum entanglement was found were 3 millimeters by 3 millimeters by 1 millimeter. When short pulse lasers were used to change the vibrations in one diamond the vibrations in the other diamond instantly changed. In this case they were near each other but the effect would have been just as instantaneous if the other diamond had been a billion light years away. Extremely short pulses were used (100 femtoseconds)  to catch the entanglement because it tends to be short lived in large room temperatures objects.

What is interesting is that quantum entanglement could theoretically be used as a totally secure instantaneous communication system across any distance. Now both ends would have to start near each other so it would work best for a spacecraft that left Earth and head out to a distant destination.  

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