Quantum Entanglement and The Information Universe

Quantum entanglement shows that information is the real substance of the Universe.

This is part three of the Information Universe series. See the link for part one.

 Quantum entanglement is the quantum mechanical concept by which two particles can become related to each other in a manner that means that the properties of one are described in relationship to the other such that one can affect the other even at a distance. It is one of the first really strange results of quantum mechanics.

Quantum entanglement results from a combination of the conservation of momentum and the uncertainty principle. It prevents both principles from being violated in certain types of interactions. Einstein could not bring him self to accept quantum entanglement in fact he referred to it mockingly as, “spooky action at a distance.” This interaction occurs instantly at any distance making it a good example of quantum nonlocality. This interaction at a distance by itself suggests that space is a calculated coordinate with in a virtual space rather that physical material distances. However quantum entanglement gets even stranger than this.

If one starts with two entangled pairs of quantum partials and two particles from opposite pairs become entangled with each other the other two particles also become entangled with each other. The above illustration shows two entangled pairs of photons. One pair consists of photons 1and 2 and the other pair consists of photons 3 and 4.  Now let photons 2 and 3 interact so as to become entangled then photons 1and 4 will also become entangled with each other.

A recent experiment as shown that a quantum particle can be come entangled with a particle that no longer exists. In the above illustration an entangled pair consisting of photons 1and 2 are formed photon 1 subsequently destroyed. After this a new entangled pair consisting photons 3 and 4 which did not exist yet when photon 1 was destroyed. Later photons 2 and 3 become entangled and at the same time photon 4 becomes entangled with photon 1 it was destroyed before photon 4 even existed.

For this to happen it is necessary for photon 1’s quantum information to survive its destruction so that it could become entangled with photon 4. This fact suggests that the photon was fundamentally information to begin with and that its destruction was only of its participation in our reality and not of the information that produced it. This provides further support for the Information Universe concept by showing that photons and other quantum particles are fundamentally based on information.  


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