Physics: Technology and Application

An essay about Physics together with technology with its application.

  Physics is a way of thinking, a way of doing things, and a way of learning about the world around us. It is the most basic of all sciences it describes the nature of basic things such as motion, forces, energy, matter, heat, sound, light and the inside of atoms. Why physics is called the most basic of all sciences? Simply because it is underneath chemistry, and chemistry is underneath biology. Physics is also inclined with technology which yields to inventions that explained by the different laws and theories. Thus, technology is the practical application of its laws and theories.

Science through technology influences and determines not only the way we live our lives but our very being as well. We become more aware of things happening around us and we could apply it in our daily lives. Many of our modern technologies are physics-based. The products of these technologies are in form of goods and services utilized by people: advances in transportation; medical techniques for diagnosis and therapy using ultrasound or ionizing radiation; the rapid mass transit system; satellites and wireless telecommunication. With that technologies and proper application of those can help our lives to be become well and lightens up our daily works.

  In every good contribution of modern technology there are also bad effects that affect our environment. As we enjoy the convenience of such technology we can’t easily noticed if we over use its products which can definitely harm us, it may lead us to the destruction of humankind. We must, however, remember that whatever the advancements made in physics and technology are these should benefit humankind. Their wise and proper utilization to ensure the greatest good for everyone lies in the hands of those who have studied and understand the pros and consequences of every scientific endeavor.

The proper application of technology of today may help us for our better tomorrow and the next generation. Humankind’s technological needs have been greatly met and developed through the years. With the help of physics laws and theories there’s technology that solves practical problems. It has something to do with applying the tools, techniques and procedure of science to actual use. The promise of technology is to have a cleaner and healthier environment not widespread of its bad effect like pollution, resource depletion and even social decay so to speak. We aim for a better world and so, knowing the dangers of technology, wiser application is necessary.

  We should be intellect to the different sciences and modern technologies. New breakthroughs, challenge us and we must react as great participant or intelligent spectators of the new human era. We need to react in preserving our environment for successful and controlled use for sustainable development.

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