Observation or Junk Science

Is an electron a point particle, a wave, or an extension of ourselves?

Junk Science

Quantum Physicists and String Theorists like to point out that an electron may possess properties that are not fully understood or realized in classical physics. Supposedly, electrons have he ability to split, or multiply, when confronted with obstacles. That leads one to believe that electrons can simultaneously occupy two distant spaces. Electrons appear to function as a wave, or a field, with liquid properties, yet when observed, electrons seem to operate as point particles. While String Theory can give a possible explanation for the enigmatic behaviour of electrons by suggesting that the point particle is merely a string segment in which the only “visible” portion is only visible because it is in our limited dimensionality, some Quantum Theorists purport that the electron is sympathetic to the consciousness of the observer, thus the observer of the electron has a direct influence on the behaviour of the particle or the wave in question.

If we accept the general assumption made by Quantum Physicists, in that the electron behaves like a fluid wave only to become a particle once observed–as a conscious or unconscious interaction with the observer–then we are left with the question of how that interaction occurs, and by what force.

However, there is insufficient data to support the claim that human consciousness or direct interaction with an observer can influence the physical properties of the observed electron; that is the point that is usually brushed over by the academic community.

The assumption that we can (somehow) control the electron (through forces unknown) simply because it appears as a point particle when we observe it, negates the possibilty that the electron may be controlling us.

If we are made of electrons and we are viewing electrons, then we must share some properties with the observed electrons. We cannot observe the electron unless we are in a coresponding phase state, wave to wave, particle to particle in the same dimensional space time. And if that is not the case, then that leaves speculation as to whether our electrons behave as waves or particles as we observe the electron particle.

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