Newton’s Third Law

On Newton’s Third Law and Psychology…

“To every action, there’s an equal and opposite, reaction.”

We have all studied this in school. The law that explains us walking, writing, plainly, everything.

What about its implementation, in the philo-psychological world?

How does it manifest itself, in this dimension?

Taken aback? Thinking, “Hey! This geek’s wanna say this physics crap is somethin’ more than what we read?” “Holy crap!”

Hang on. There’s definitely more to it, apart from the physical world.

A young boy, in his teens, doesn’t really know much about cricket. Yup, it’s hard to imagine that in India… Take it as an exceptional case.

Others around him are crazy about the game. Playing for hours endlessly day in day out, hooked on the television, for the live matches are being telecasted.

And then, the Gully-Cricket.

So, here, the boy, is pretty indifferent to all this. But one evening, he picks up a bat tries swinging it, like a copy book cover drive, he watched Rahul Dravid do, the other day.

“Oye! Leave that. Cricket’s not for you… Do some other work…”

“Why? Can’t I bat?”

“Nope! You just cannot… It’s a tough thing to do… Look at you…”


The boy, was discouraged by many. Every one had the same opinion, “He can’t play cricket.” “Cricket and him! You’re kidding, right?”

This made him infuriated. That night he decided to be the next Sachin, and shut the mouth of each one of them, who bullied him.

Action: The discouragement by others. The challenge posed.

Re-action: The boy’s will to be a cricketer.


Five years past.

The boy, now 22, is a cricketer, just selected to play at the Lord’s. Every cricketer, wants to be at the “Temple” of the religion of cricket.

And his achievement is huge.

He has zipped the mouth of those, who earlier thought of him incapable to lift the bat. Now, with sheer dedication and will power, he swings the bat, hitting the 90 miles and hour odd ball, out of the fence.

He has redeemed himself. But….


The decision to pursue cricket as an option, was in reaction to the criticism of others.

Did, he, ever had the thought of doing it, before?

The thought of mouth-shutting others, was the driving force behind his act of accomplishing great heights. Yes, he may even break numerous records, but, that’s just a consequence, a secondary thing.

The primary was to pose a finger at every one, saying, “Look at me. Now just keep your beak shut.”

Each time, he will go out in the ground to play, only one thing shall be in mind:

“If I don’t score runs today, I shall be criticised. I will have to face the wrath of others, who’ll say of me as a bad batsman.”

Will the joy of playing, then remain? The sheer delight, when the mind is without fear, and the head is held high, one enjoys the game in itself.

This may not sustain, in the long run. A day will come, when he satisfied, by accomplishing himself, so that noone may now question, will simply dump that bat. For there won’t be any use of it, further.

The fundamental motive behind doing anything, shouldn’t be any “REACTION”.

But passion, love. Not even craze, as craziness is a temporary thing. Like a hormonal hangover.

I can’ recall any one great personality, who achieved success, in “reaction” to something.

They love what they do, that’s why he/she succeeds.

So, the boy doesn’t love cricket? He’ll say he does. You’ll say it too. But, his sub-conscious mind, soul and a psychologist, would firmly disagree.

Your reaction will stay till the existence of some action.

ACT, but please don’t REACT.

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