New Method for Space Travel

Idea of the Invention.

Each body exists in a “place and time”. Time is the: monotony movement.


The movement in the entire universe is circular, and a “time entity” “t°” has created with it.


This “time entity” “t°” makes the body exist in the presence or at the “presence time” which surround it and can deals with it.


When the circular movement or the circular velocity “v”(circular) much increase, and at constant of the distance “d”, the time “t” will decrease very much, because v= d÷t.


Consequence, the body will exist in a new time “t” is “slower” than the presence time, and has another “time entity” “t°” which is “slower” than the original “time entity” at the original presence time, because “time” “t” a “time entity” “t°”, then the body will move in the “twinkling of an eye” to too distant “other place” in the universe which is approval to this new slower time!!


If there’re astronauts inside this body, they will move with it too, and they can deal with the matter of that “other place” in that other slower time level.



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