My Last Flash Drive

Never again!

Flash drives were great. Remember when they first came out, the 128 megabyte models where “as big as 88 floppy disks!” Gasp. They’ve only gotten better with time – my buddy’s got a little Mushkin flash drive that’s packing 32 gigabytes. My first computer that I remember the stats of was rocking a twenty gigabyte platter drive. Wow.
But these little suckers have a weakness, and I just gave it away: these suckers are little. Little, and easily misplaced. Augh! My little 2 gigabyte flash key is missing, along with what it carries: copy for seriously twenty articles, my list of cars that I was writing on, and most importantly, source code for a program for work.
So, while I’m picking up those pieces, I need to find a better alternative. It’s 2012. I’m going up, up, and away – into the cloud. With the Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity stating “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”, I need something that addresses the fact that it’s easy for me to lose something the size of a key. Ergo, Dropbox (which I’ve mentioned my use of here) is my new-found solution for data on-the-go. 2 gigabytes free, wherever I go. I can download my files from a web portal, or install some software and let it integrate with Windows like it was just another folder on the file system. I know that this “cloud” idea is all the rage these days, but so far, it works seamlessly. You can get your own Dropbox account here.

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