Make Water Freeze at Your Touch

Is it a superpower? Is it science? Is it a joke? Find out here.

Have you ever wanted a superpower? Have you ever read comic books and wished you could do some amazing things? Well here you will learn how to impress friends and family with this awesome trick… freezing water at your touch!


Superhero (Captain America)

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Now in reality this is more of a science experiment than a “power”, but it will sure seem amazing to your unsuspecting audience. The science behind this is the crystallization of a compound known as sodium acetate, which you can acquire from a chemist. If you can’t put your hands on any you can actually make some yourself… see here.

Sodium acetate in crystal form

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You will need:

Sodium acetate (commonly in powdered form)

Water (about a cup, but it depends on how much you want to make)

A small pan

A wooden spoon

A glass

A small glass plate, glass tray, or short drinking glass (so the “freezing” may be seen)

In the pan bring the water to a near boil. Then supersaturate the water with the sodium acetate (pour in the sodium acetate gradually while stirring with the spoon constantly and stop when no more dissolves.)

When this is done pour the mixture into a glass, making sure to leave behind any undissolved sodium acetate. Place the glass in the fridge to cool.

Once cool carefully pour the mixture into the glass plate, tray, or short drinking glass. Now touch the surface with your fingertip. If the procedure has been performed correctly, the mixture should crystallize and solidify with the appearance of ice!

This is commonly known as hot ice, and you may observe that it heats up as it “freezes”. That’s why it is commonly used in hand warmers. When the hand warmer is touched or moved excessively, the sodium acetate crystallizes and heats one’s hands.

A hand warmer with a sodium acetate solution

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So try it out and wow your friends. But keep it a secret, and you’ll be a regular “Iceman”!

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