Major Fun to be Had with The Razor Ground Force

Have you ever watched go kart runs at amusement parks, and wished you could ride one of those any time you wanted? Well, now you can, with the affordable Razor Ground Force making its way into the marketplace. It is built to be run hard, and will last for years with the proper maintenance and care. Usable by anyone eight or older, it will mean that your child can experience a sense of speed and adventure not found with a plain old bicycle.

Razor Ground Force Designed To Be Tough And Safe


This model illustrates just how much thought went into the design of the Razor Ground Force where reliability and safety are concerned. It is highly maneuverable, featuring a low center of gravity that hugs the ground as it moves. It is easy to handle, and going around curves is so easy that even the most inexperienced rider should be able to handle it, after practice, of course.

Steering has been improved with the release of the Razor Ground Force, particularly around the rear axle. Now, even the smallest child should have no trouble maneuvering it around turns and into the straightaway. The hand brakes are just like the ones used on most other vehicles, including the average bicycle, and are styled to fit even the smallest hands without compromising their safety. The adjustable speed is controlled with a twist assembly, mounted on the steering wheel for easy reach, next to the hand brakes.

Fast Excitement For All Ages


With a top speed of around 12 miles an hour, and a weight limit of only 120 pounds, the Razor Ground Force can be enjoyed by everyone in the family. Recommended for use by ages 8 and up, its weight limit and padded seating will actually carry older children and even some teens and adults comfortably, allowing everyone a chance to experience some serious open track go kart fun.

As with all vehicles, parents should make sure that their child practice riding the Razor Ground Force around the yard a few times before allowing them to go full out unsupervised. Its low center of gravity means that tipping it over is nearly impossible, but they should still wear helmets and safety equipment while riding, just in case. The aluminum wheels will keep it rolling smoothly, and the maximum time on a single charge is around 45 minutes of racing time.

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