Long in Orbit, Astronauts Threatened Eyes Damaged

Eye and brain of the astronauts who spend long time in earth’s orbit can be affected by the disorder.

Eye and brain of the astronauts who spend long time in earth’s orbit can be affected by the disorder, according to new research. The results of magnetic resonance imaging or MRI of the spacer over 27 showed intracranial hypertension that result in pressure on the skull. As a result of this disruption, the astronauts can experience vision problems.

An observation published in the Journal of Radiology is led by Larry Kramer, a professor in the field of diagnostics and imagingresonance of Texas Medical School at Houston. His team conducted the examination of the astronauts who spend at least30 days in space.

Other disorders that occur between nerve swelling around the eyes in 13 persons, a decrease in the back of the eye ball on six glands and brain changes in the three astronauts. Another disturbance is reduced bone mass and muscle from too long in the no-load condition. The astronauts also face the danger of radiation from the sun.

With the foundation’s findings, those who live on the space station ISS is restricted for six months is recommended. The medical team of NASA American space agency said they were aware of this problem and has been included in the list of risks.

“NASA noted this problem in the list of risk, and has conducted in-depth research on the mechanism and its implications, and will continue to monitor the situation,” said William Tarver of NASA’smedical clinic told BBC Indonesia, Tuesday (13/3)

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    Thanks for sharing this, a little bit of information about space and its astronauts never hurt. Great job!

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