List of Famous Mathematicians

The article unfolds and looks through the excellent and dedicated efforts of a few famous mathematicians. Great mathematicians like Peter Gustav, Jean-Baptiste Joseph Fourier, Jacob Steiner, Gabriel Kramer, Jules Henry Poincare are all discussed in this content.

All technologies that we enjoy very casually today actually involve complex mathematics and wouldn’t be a reality without the contributions of these great think tanks. Here, we talk about a few revolutionary and famous mathematicians and physicists of all time.

The following content provides brief information regarding the revolutionary work of some famous mathematicians and also about many unsung heroes in the field:

Peter Gustav Lejeune Dirichlet (1805 – 1859): Famous German mathematician who is known for his work and development on the “Fourier series” and number theory.

Josiah Willard Gibbs (1839 – 1903): Great American mathematician, renowned for his great contributions in the development of vector analysis and mathematical physics.

Jean-Baptiste Joseph Fourier (1768 – 1830): Famous French physicist and mathematician, known for the introduction of the very crucial Fourier series in his important work Theorie analytique de la chaleur (Analytic theory of Heat, Paris 1822), which included his work on heat conduction theory. He had the honor to accompany King Napoleon to Egypt, when later on he was appointed as the prefect of Grenoble.

Sir George Gabriel Stokes (1819 – 1903): Provided notable contributions to the infinite series theory, this talented Irish mathematician and physicist lived in Cambridge since 1837, where later on he worked as a professor. He is known for his work on viscous flow (Navier-Stokes Equaation), optics and geodesics.

Jacob Steiner (1796 – 1863): This Swiss geometer was born in a small village and could learn to write as late as when he was 14. He became a pupil of Pestalozzi at the age of 18 and later continued his study at Heidelberg and Berlin. He finally through his amazing research works (Steiner’s Theorem) was appointed as professor at the Berlin University.

August Ferdinand Mobius (1790 – 1868): This great German mathematician is known for his contribution to number theory and important work in the theory of projection geometry, mechanics and surfaces.

George Green (1793 – 1841): The important contributions of this English mathematician include his potential theory related to electricity and magnetism, waves and electricity theory and vibrations.

Leopold Kronecker (1823 – 1891): This intelligent German scientist is known for his important work on algebra, group theory and number theory.

Gabriel Kramer (1704 – 1752): This Swiss Mathematician became famous through his book which explained the theory of curves, published in Geneva in the year 1750.

Jules Henry Poincare (1854 – 1912): This great French scientist is renowned for his notable research on complex analysis, differential equations, celestial mechanism, topology, fluid follow, conduction of heat, foundations, capillary action and philosophy of mathematics and also mathematical physics.

Jacques Hadamard (1865 – 1963): This French mathematician is basically known for his contributions to power series and mostly devoted his work to differential equations.

Bernard Bolzano (1781 – 1848): This famous Austrian mathematician and professor is known for his pioneering efforts in the study of point sets, mathematical logic and the foundations of logic.

The list of famous mathematicians is unlimited and will be updated shortly.

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