Israel Museum Showcase Newton Doomsday Prediction

The apocalypse will happen in 1,260 years, counting backwards from the coronation of Charlemagne.

Scientific literature writes the name of Sir Isaac Newton with gold ink. He is the founder of classical physics. His book Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica, published in 1687 considered the most influential books in the history of science.

Newton’s name has not moved from the list of most influential scientists of all time. Was not only predicated physicist, mathematician, astronomer, natural philosopher, alchemist, he was also a theologian. Men born in 1643 was later revealed praktei interested in the supernatural and the scientific approach to study the Bible and Jewish mysticism.

National Library of Israel, who collected treasures and writer Newton, 7500 exhibiting a collection of handwritten Newton document in digital versions and post them online.

Among the yellowed texts, there is Newton’s famous prediction about the end of 2060.

In addition to revolutionizing the approach to physics, mathematics and astronomy in the 17th century and 18. Also lay the foundations of classical mathematics including the theory of gravitation and three laws of motion that bear his name, curator of collections of humanities Israel’s national museum, said Newton was a devout Christian and believe, scripture provides a “code” of the universe.

“Nowadays we tend mendikotomikan science and faith, but for Newton, both are aligned,” says Milka Levy-Rubin, as the site loaded the Daily Mail, February 16, 2012. “Newton believed, careful study of scriptural texts are part of the knowledge. If analyzed properly can be used to predict what will happen.”

To better understand the objects that he faced, Newton learned Hebrew, study Jewish philosophy supernatural, mysticism Kabbala and the Talmud.

From the study that was waged, Newton make such a calculation of the Book of Daniel, and then predicts the apocalypse will happen in 1,260 years, counting backwards from the coronation of Charlemagne as Emperor of the Romans in 800 AD.

He also believes the geometry of the Temple of Solomon contains a code of ancient wisdom about the nature and proportions of the human position in the Creation.

Newton document collection also includes interpretation of Newton to the gospel, theology, and ancient cultures, the Tabernacle, and the geometry of the Temple of Solomon. Newton did not ketinggalkan sketch map is used as the basis for calculations, in an effort to uncover the secret code he believes is in the universe.

Israel library showcasing the first time Newton in 2007, but only this time they decided to upload his collection to the internet, for all to see.

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