Is Interstellar Space Travel Possible

A discussion about the possibility of future space travel to the stars.

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Is Interstellar Space Travel Possible

The Problem

            The problem with interstellar space travel seems to be that you have to go so fast in order to do it that it would probably kill you.  At least, that has been the theory so far.  The human body can only withstand so many G-forces and still survive.  G-force is the amount of gravity pressure exerted on the body.  For example, one G is the force of gravity that we experience here on the earth every day.  When a fighter jet takes off it can increase that G-force to two G’s and beyond.  Two G’s is twice the normal gravity that our bodies are used to.  But the human body can only endure these increased G’s for a short period of time.  After that, we have to back off or risk permanent, bodily injury.  Unfortunately, in order to travel to the stars, we would need a vehicle that could produce more G’s than we can handle.

The Nature of Space

            First of all it is important to say that when we talk seriously about space we should use the term space-time.  Scientists now realize that space and time are interwoven and you really can’t have one without the other.  Like a fine patchwork quilt, they are meshed together to create the reality that we exist in.  The reason that this is important is because the whole idea of traveling to the stars with just the speed we are able to generate is not going to work.  We need to understand the true nature of space in order to theorize a practical method of hyper-distance space travel; in other words, a journey to the stars.

A Possible Method

            Almost everyone who has any interest in the subject of interstellar travel has heard the phrase, “warp speed.”  Many movies and television programs have used it.  But what does it really mean?  Is it just a science fiction buzz word or is there some real basis of practicality in the term.  The word warp is used to describe a force or an energy that has the power to literally, “warp,” or compress space-time.  It works on the premise that space-time can be manipulated.  Basically, by compressing space-time we are shortening the vast distances from the stars to those that can be handled by our bodies when it comes to creating G-forces.  In fact, if we could successfully compress space-time, the rocket engines we have today would probably be enough to get us around the cosmos.

Can Space-Time Really Be Manipulated

            Yes, absolutely, the fabric of space-time can be manipulated.  Huge celestial bodies such as the sun and the planets do this every day.  Their tremendous masses and gravities warp the fabric of space-time allowing other smaller bodies to orbit them successfully.  The problem is that it requires a tremendous amount of energy to do it.  Will humans ever be able to generate that kind of power?  Probably not soon, but who’s to say what man may be able to accomplish in the distant future.  Two hundred years ago the prospect of space travel seemed impossible.  Today, it is common place.

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